Volumetric Air Movement with Fine Tune Variable Control for Precise Air Control

Custom Designed Industrial Grade Circulation System.  Available in 120V Single Phase and 240/480V Three Phase.  
Our system provides precise control of evenly distributed air movement, so no additional wall fans are required.

Variable Frequency Drives allow for control down to a tenth of a percent of change. Drives can be integrated into AutoGrow+ PLC Control System for complete integrated control and mobile monitoring.

  • BLADE SIZE: 14" - 34"
  • POWER:  120V - Single Phase or 240/480V - Three Phase
  • AMPERAGE:  .7 - 4.5 Amps depending on Fan Size and Drive
  • WARRANTY:  2 Years / Optional Extended Service Plans Available


  •  Applicable up to 300,000 sq ft + greenhouse/indoor.
  • 4.7 watts per CFM for 34” – 5.6 watts per CFM for 26” at 460v
  • Fan capable of 2600 – 17000 CFM per fan at 60 cycles with 0 static pressure.
  • Up 230’ of accurate “air throw”
  • Can cycle and move a 21,888 cubic foot room every 46 seconds. Adjustable to 15-60 cycles by .1%. 

Every VAM System is custom therefore requires onsite installation by our team. Before we ship everything out, we hand test and assemble all parts and components to check for any defects. 


We are proud to offer an industrial grade and hand assembled high capacity air flow system capable of providing adequate air movement and even distribution throughout an entire room with just under 5 amps of power, making our VAM System one of the most capable and efficient air systems on the market. This was done through years of development and tests at the Grow Automations research center. Precise control of each drive allows for control up to a tenth of a decimal of frequency on how often each blade will spin. This control allows for true manipulation and control of each environment specific to you as well as a constant flow of air over the leafs of your plants. This causes your plants to transpire more up taking more nutrients with leads to hiring yields and better terpene levels. Highly efficient design and operation only adds to the value of your production where it would otherwise be lost. With full distribution of air evenly throughout the room, this allows a company to do away with costly ducting for HVAC and running electrical for hundreds of wall fans. The cost to maintain hundreds of wall fans are also cut out. The air circulation is so effective that it even reduces the overall pressure load carried by your HVAC. 

The System includes separate disconnects, lockout controls, and overcurrent protection for each fan. These lockout and overcurrent protections allow for easy maintenance and increased longevity of the entire system. All VAM Systems are designed to each facility’s exact specification and need is not based on a per drive or fan basis. The system is based off moving the entire volume of air in the room and is not based on the “throw” capability of each fan. Each system will be drop shipped and assembled by hand onsite by one of our lead technicians to insure product quality and reliable function of the VAM System. Systems and designs are built in the US by our company with 44 years plus experience in the industrial automation industry.


  • Variable Frequency Controllers for each System
  • Precise Control of Air Movement
  • Inverter Duty Motor Drives provide Maximum Efficiency and Reliability
  • No Need for Expensive HVAC Duct Work
  • No Need for Additional Wall Fans
  • Disconnects and Lock Out Protection for each Fan
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed for Commercial and Industrial Use
  • Onsite Hand Assembly and Operational Instruction to insure quality control
  • Technician Friendly Design
  • Adequate Air Movement in the Thickest of Foliage

      Products manufactured and designed by McDiarmid Controls, Inc. of Eugene, OR.